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Kanimbla had a very successful showing at Sydney on 24 March where Herefords were the feature breed.  With 6 entries, Kanimbla won 6 broad ribbons and acheived Supreme Interbreed Heifer Exhibit with Kanimbla May M070.  After the show, Kanimbla sold its calf champion (MXMN005) to Hunter Lakes Poll Herefords for $12,000.  


***Our next Bull and Female Sale is on  Thursday 6 September***

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Kanimbla Poll Herefords have been breeding Herefords for over 20 years.

When Kanimbla moved into the Holbrook district, NSW, in July 2007 it left behind the high country near Oberon. It also had a commercial stock and grain property just west of Forbes at the foot of the Gunning Range which it has since sold. In a private sale in 2008 Kanimbla purchased the Mount Raven Poll Hereford stud in its entirety bringing with it over 65 years of breeding through Mt Raven, Springfield and Bahroona studs. This purchase brought into Kanimbla many well-known and reliable cow families to augment those already developed within Kanimbla. In January 2015, Kanimbla Partnership changed to a unit trust with the trustee being Kanimbla Livestock Pty Ltd. The principals from that day became Mike Todd, Mark Baker and James and Belinda McWilliam.

Kanimbla's philosophy is to breed cattle with good temperament, structure and capacity. To do this it sources genetics from around the World and predominantly from Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada. In order to provide bulls that meet the different specifications that cattlemen require, Kanimbla must maintain well-framed cows. This enables it to use sire selection to create the appropriate bulls to meet market.

The principals see cattle showing as a way of observing trends in seedstock and as a reference point with how the Kanimbla herd is developing. Kanimbla has enjoyed many great successes including past Supreme Poll Hereford exhibits at Sydney Royal, Melbourne Royal, Canberra Royal, Rocky Beef and Bathurst Royal and Interbreed Champion Bull at the Bendigo Beef Expo. It has been runner up in the interbreed at Canberra Royal on three occasions and once at Melbourne. In 2014 and 2015, Kanimbla females were finalists in the Miss World Hereford competition coming third and second respectively.

Kanimbla held its first sale in 2005 at Oberon and has held a sale each year since then. The sale is always on the first Thursday in September. We also sell elite registered females at our sales.

Kanimbla bulls are now in Qld, SA, Vic, NSW and Tasmania. In the last few years progeny of Kanimbla bulls have topped the markets in Wodonga, Yea and Carcoar amongst others. For 2 years running, Kanimbla progeny have won best presented at the annual Wodonga weaner sales in January.


James and Belinda McWilliam combined with Mike Todd and Mark Baker to form Kanimbla Livestock which now runs the Kanimbla Business.


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